I was born in Buenos Aires, in a family of European origins, today some decades later I find myself living in the land where they came from.
I began my studies in an Italian school in Buenos Aires, I studied industrial design at the University of Buenos Aires.
Since childhood I was immersed in the world of jewelry, great-grandmother and grandmother had their own business. I grew up playing selling jewelry with my sister in my grandmother's room. At 15 I had started my first jewelry classes, which I always followed in parallel with my studies.
In 2018 I won a scholarship at Le arti Orafe in Florence, to finish improving myself technically so I can have my brand today.
After two pregnancies and a pandemic, I took the courage to launch my brand in Italy.
Today I live in Florence with my partner who is a goldsmith, and our two little ones who accompany us everywhere help me carry out what the brand is today…


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